June 16, 2016

The First Season of I-LAB Ended With Success

On the 25th of May the final event of innovation laboratory I-LAB was taking place in Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Five student teams were presenting the solutions they had worked out for the companies. The winner of the first season was student team “A-team” which worked out a WEB solution for the international company SPORTident.

Student work was evaluated and commented by the team of experts – Elina Leimane, head of Development Department of Valmiera City Municipality, Nameda Belmane, manager of project “InnoLabs”, Bogdan Furundzhi, Chairman of the Board of Transport and Telecommunication Institute and Gatis Krumins, rector of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Event manager Janis Rozitis took care for the musical background and pleasant atmosphere.

I-LAB activities were started on February 2016. Firs season of I-LAB lasted for three months and at that time, there were five interdisciplinary student teams working. Independently and with the mentor and company representative support, they worked on challenges given by the involved enterprises. Simultaneously students were increasing their knowledge in such fields as creativity, time planning, pitching and others. This season student teams were working together with four companies – Aloja-Starkelsen Ltd., Wunderkraut Latvia Ltd, SPORTident GmbH Ltd and non-governmental organization Valmiera Region Community Foundation.

I-LAB or Innovation Laboratory is students – entrepreneurs – national authorities’ cooperation platform for solving different challenges using creative and innovative approach. Activities are taking place during one study semester. A company or a public body applies and presents the problem; multidisciplinary student teams are created to work on the solutions in form of product or service demo or prototype.


InoKraut – team cooperated with company Wunderkraut Latvia and worked out solution – how to be the best employer in the Vidzeme region.

5 WINDS – team cooperated with company Aloja Starkelsen and worked out the solution – how could look the potato museum in Aloja.

Growth – team cooperated with Non-governmental organisation “Valmieras Region Community Foundation”. Team worked out the solution – how to attract donators more effective.

A TEAM – team worked with international company – SportIdent. Solution will make people who are doing orienteering sport experience more interesting.

TTT – team has worked out the solution for the company Aloja-Starkelsen – effective documentation flow in the company.