This section describes main work packages of the project. There are five work packages in this project. The work package start with the preparatory work (WP1 – Feasibility studies and study visits), planning of innovation laboratory works (WP2 – Development plans), continute with the student projects in the innovation labs (WP 3 Co-creation projects), and finalise with the WP4 – Development of methodology and guidelines, which can be used later on by others, who want to build innovation labs. WP 5 focus on dissemination activties.

WP1: Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies are developed for university partners in LV, EST and CY, three sudies in total.

The objective of the feasibility studies is to define the issues, objectives and needs of each partner for establishing innovation model in their organization, background on innovation support structures, networks, initiatives etc. In particular, they will address:

  • Problems and gaps in innovation
  • Recommendations how to overcome them
  • Stakeholders mapping

The feasibility studies are intelectual output and can be found in the Intellectual Outputs section. This WP also includes study visits to the Netherlands and Denmark. Training materials of these visits can be found on the Intellectual Outputs section.

WP2: Development plans for Innovation labs

Partners from LV, EST, CY (university partners) will start to develop their own bottom-up student innovation labs. The development plan contains the essential elements of the description on how the innovation lab should operate in an university, in particular it will contain:

  • Description of proposed management structure
  • Involved stakeholders and partners
  • Participation in innovation networks and undertakings
  • Roles and responsibilities to be carried out by innovation platform participants
  • Future sustainability issues (after the project ends)
  • How to develop innovative products and services for their local industries and local regions.

The development plans are intelectual output and can be found in the Intellectual Outputs section.

WP3: Innovation labs co-creation projects

In newly established labs, student teams will produce fully developed product or service concepts, resulting in prototypes and/or service visualisations/descriptions, social projects, examples for community initiatives or others. They will be working together with stakeholders for development of co-creation prjoects.

Different medias for presenting (according to the student works outcomes) will be used internally. Externally students will create posters showing their work.

At least 20-25 projects, 4-5 projects per university (VA, EKA, CUT, AAU, NHL) will be created.

They are intelectual output and will be avialable at the website in the Intellectual Outputs section.

WP4: Methodology development

Sustainable Innovation And Entrepreneurship Methodology:

Closer to the end of the project, the partners will come together and reflect, evaluate and conclude the project experiences, the work of the innovation labs, and gained insights and knowledge. These will be collected and used to develop a final output, guidelines and recommendations for Sustainable Innovation And Entrepreneurship Methodology.

Another result of the evaluation process will be to prepare guidelines for intermediary networks which would help innovation networks to organize their work more efficiently, improve their functionality and stimulate sustainable innovations from idea to realization.

These documents will be in English and will be available on the website under Intellectual Outputs section.

WP5: Dissemination

Dissemination consists of project website, dissemination plan, use of social media and multiplier events.

Project website development:

  • Development of website structure, registering domain name, preparation of visual identity (including logo) and other necessary actions for website development.

Operation of project website:

  • Updating and content management of the website

Preparation of dissemination plan:

  • Drafting and preparing of detailed dissemination plan.

Implementation of dissemination plan:

  • Each partner implements its dissemination activities according to the plan.

Multiplier events can be found under News section.