This section presents the Intelectual Output materials that were produced by the project's partners in each Work Package.

Feasibility Studies

Here you find three feasibility studies for innovation labs in Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus. All documents are availabe in English and in national languages.

The objective of the feasibility studies is to define the issues, objectives and needs of each partner for establishing innovation model in their organization, background on innovation support structures, networks, initiatives etc

Training Materials

Here you can find training material compilation from the staff training/study visit to living innovation labs in the Netherlands and in Denmark.

Development Plans

University partners from LV, EST, CY have elaborated development plans for their universities to establish bottom-up student innovation labs.

There are three development plans and they are available in English and in national languages.

The development plan contains:

  • Description of proposed management structure
  • Involved stakeholders and partners
  • Participation in innovation networks and undertakings
  • Roles and responsibilities to be carried out by innovation platform participants
  • Roadmap for the next years
  • Future sustainability issues

The development plans are documents, which will be used by each university and therefore differ from each other. If you wish to know more about how to set up the innovation lab development plan for your organisation, we recommend you contact each of the universities – Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Latvia, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia and Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus, at the Consortium section.

Co-Creation Projects

Student teams will produce fully developed product or service concepts, resulting in prototypes and/or service visualisations/descriptions, social projects, examples for community initiatives or others.

At least 20-25 projects, 4-5 projects per university  will be developed  (Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Estonian Academy of Arts, Cyprus University of Technology, Alborg University and NHL).


After the student project developments and presentations, partners will collect all the experiences, insights and knowledge in order to develop two final outputs – guidelines and methodology in English language, available for every interested organisation or individual.